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DOH Provides Updates at Associations Meeting

At a meeting with long-term care associations on April 4, 2024, the Department of Health (DOH) provided updates on the enforcement of the nursing home minimum staffing law and solicited recommendations for streamlining the adult care facility (ACF) licensure process.

According to DOH staff, all referrals for enforcement pertaining to the second quarter of 2022 have been transmitted to the Department's Division of Legal Affairs. The program staff recommended either a reduction in or waiver of the penalty for most facilities. They reported that no enforcement letters had been posted as of the date of the meeting. The Department is currently reviewing facility submissions pertaining to the third quarter of 2022. Over 300 facilities submitted requests for a reduction in penalties or a redetermination of compliance. The Department is reaching out to facilities for additional information about their submissions.

DOH also noted that they are experiencing a shortage of staff in their ACF licensure unit. They indicated that they are working to streamline the ACF licensure process and requested recommendations. Members are urged to submit their recommendations to Diane Darbyshire here.

DOH provided some information about emergency admissions of out-of-county home care and hospice patients when in-county agencies or programs do not have capacity. The Department provided instructions for providers which are available here.

In response to questions, DOH indicated that they are working on developing the staff training required by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Bill of Rights law and the aide training law (Chapter 81 of 2023). LeadingAge NY will provide additional information to members as soon as it becomes available.

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