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Update on the Balancing Incentive Program (BIP)

DOH provided a brief update on their progress and outstanding issues in meeting the requirements of their approved Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) application. As you may recall, we previously reported in Intelligence on the BIP workplan that DOH just submitted to CMS.

Federal BIP funding of $600 million allocated over three years is earmarked to help states rebalance non-institutionlly based long term care services and supports. As part of the rebalancing effort there are three structural reforms: a no-wrong door single entry point (NWD/SEP); a core assessment system (UAS-NY); and conflict free-case management (CFCM). DOH believes that the most challenging part of BIP will be instituting CFCM in "a managed care for all environment." DOH also shared that there will be an inter-agency work group on the NWD/SEP to offer recommendations to expand the NY Connects program throughout the state and to other populations.

DOH also reviewed the three-part test used to determine if an initiative qualifies for BIP funding. Participants raised several questions regarding how the funds could be used, including whether they could be used to enhance managed care premiums to meet wage parity requirements.  Providers also sought further clarification of CFCM guidelines.  DOH will be releasing further guidance in light of the additional questions raised.

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