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LeadingAge NY Diversity Committee Releases New Dialogue Toolkit

LeadingAge NY’s Diversity Committee has released numerous toolkits designed to bring awareness to diversity in long term care and help members cultivate inclusive and equitable staffing and leadership models within their organizations.

The newest edition is the Dialogue Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help members engage in conversations that are challenging in the workplace. Issues of inequity that exist either at work or outside of work can have a significant impact on staff. Leaders and staff should strive to be empathetic and address these concerns with a constructive, nonjudgmental approach. Although these conversations can be difficult and may be new to having in organizations, this toolkit provides two approaches to guide you in talking with your teams when difficult issues of diversity or inequity are present in the workplace. It is important to note that staff should always follow organizational policy if issues appear to be discriminative.

The Diversity Committee, comprised of LeadingAge NY members from across the state, is tasked with encouraging more diverse leadership in long term care by creating easy-to-adapt resources and programming. Please visit LeadingAge NY’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) website for more information.