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Nursing Home Occupancy

Instructions:  Click on the double-ended arrow at the bottom right corner to expand.  Select the desired facility(ies) and region(s) from the list at right to add them to the display.  Hover on the data point to view the value.

Source:  LeadingAge NY Calculations based on daily HERDS census reporting.


Notes:  The nursing home occupancy dashboard enables users to visualize and compare their facility-specific occupancy rates with the DOH region of their choosing, any home located in New York State, or both. Occupancy rates were calculated by sourcing nursing homes census data from the daily HERDS survey and dividing it by the certified bed count in the DOH Nursing Home Profile for the corresponding month. Regional occupancy rates reflect the monthly median rate for each of the 7 DOH regions. If the selected home has an occupancy rate of 0% on any given month, this is either because they did not submit their census data, or the facility closed during surveying.

Contact:  Eric Dumas, edumas@leadingageny.org