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Ideas and Resources for Increasing Training Capacity in Statewide Healthcare Facilities

As was previously reported, a Solicitation of Interest (SOI) was issued for Increasing Training Capacity in Statewide Healthcare Facilities. The purpose is to provide funding to increase the training capacity of health care facilities to prepare, mentor, and train a steady pipeline of high-quality health care professionals. Nursing homes, diagnostic and treatment centers, and hospitals are eligible to apply. Awards will provide up to $1,000,000 per year for two years to eligible health care facilities. The deadline for applications is April 19, 2023 at 4 p.m. Click here for more information on this initiative.

Members have inquired about different ways in which this funding might be used. The SOI does seem to provide some flexibility, though the funding cannot be used to supplant existing resources. Members are encouraged to assess their unique needs and tailor the proposal accordingly; however, some potential uses may include:

  • obtaining dementia certification from an evidence-based program
  • providing training to provide services to the LGBTQ community
  • providing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging training
  • preparing staff to better serve people with serious mental illness
  • preparing staff to better serve people with substance use disorders
  • getting registered nurses (RNs) wound care-certified
  • getting RNs Minimum Data Set (MDS)-certified
  • supporting staff in obtaining higher certification or licensure
  • obtaining more infection control expertise

In addition, LeadingAge NY ProCare consultants provide a variety of services and trainings that can assist members in accomplishing goals regarding this funding initiative. They include:

  • Director of nursing (DON) and director of social work (DSW) mentoring
  • Growing Strong Roots certified nurse aide (CNA) peer mentoring
  • Pathways to Leadership: Peer Mentoring for Long Term Care Nurses
  • Train the Trainer: Teaching Adult Learners
  • Supporting nursing homes in offering CNA training
  • Quality assurance and quality improvement
  • Teaching and Encouraging Pain Management in Long Term Care
  • Integrating Infection Control and Resident Monitoring
  • Trauma-Informed Care and Recognizing Changes in Residents
  • Department of Health (DOH) Electronic Dementia Guide for Excellence 
  • Care Process for Residents with Dementia and Other Special Needs
  • DiSC Training: Building Collaborative Caring Teams

The above ideas are not exhaustive, and LeadingAge NY does not have insight into the Department’s preferred uses for this funding. Rather, we offer these to help you generate proposals that are meaningful to your organization and highlight what resources might be available. You may discover that your organization has other needs not identified above.

Anyone interested in exploring the ProCare offerings can reach out to Carrie Mosley at cmosley@leadingageny.org or 518-867-8383 ext. 147.

Members are encouraged to review the SOI in its entirety to understand the opportunity. The application is brief, but the deadline is fast approaching. Please also note that DOH will accept written questions until March 16, 2023 at 4 p.m. All questions should be submitted electronically to the email address IncreasingTrainingCapacity@health.ny.gov with the subject line “Increasing Training Capacity in Statewide Healthcare Facilities Questions.”

Contact: Diane Darbyshire, ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8828