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MRT News

MRT News

MLTC Independent Assessment Policy Provides Details on May 16th Launch

The new policy describes procedures, launching on May 16th, for the independent assessment process, practitioner orders, MLTC responsibilities, independent review panels for cases requiring more than 12 hours of services daily, and mistakes and discrepancies identified by MLTC plans.

May 3, 2022

MRT News

Personal Care/CDPAS Regulations Adopted

Effective date is Nov. 8th, though independent assessor implementation will follow and include corresponding guidance.

August 31, 2021

MRT News

DOH Issues Request for Information on Tasking Tool for Community-Based Long Term Care Services

Legislation enacted as part of last year's budget requires the implementation of a uniform task-based assessment tool to be used in care planning. Responses to the RFI are due by June 3rd.

May 11, 2021

MRT News

LeadingAge NY Comments on Revised Proposed Rule on Personal Care/CDPAS Assessment and Eligibility

The comments support the exemption of PACE programs from the independent assessment process, seek a phased approach to implementation, and request continued reimbursement for plan-based assessments.

March 16, 2021

MRT News

DOH Revises Proposed Personal Care/CDPAS Independent Assessment Regulations

DOH has published revised proposed regulations governing independent assessments and eligibility for PCS and CDPAS covered by Medicaid. Comments are due on March 13th.

January 31, 2021

MRT News

LeadingAge NY Submits Additional Comments on Proposed Personal Care and CDPAS Regulations

These comments follow a broader set of recommendations submitted in August and focus on the text of the regulations, as opposed to contractual and implementation issues.

September 15, 2020

MRT News

New Developments in Personal Care/CDPAS Regulations and MLTC Model Contract

LeadingAge NY and other associations representing MLTC plans met with DOH on Sept. 1st to discuss the proposed regulations governing eligibility for personal care and CDPAS and the independent assessment process. In a second meeting that day, DOH reviewed proposed amendments to the MLTC contract to align the contract with COVID-19 emergency policies.

September 8, 2020

MRT News

LeadingAge NY Submits Comments and Recommendations on Proposed Personal Care and CDPAS Regulations

The recommendations include a phased implementation, provisions to improve the validity of independent assessments and independent medical evaluations, a mechanism to resolve disputes between managed care plans or social services districts and the independent assessor, strict timeframes to ensure prompt enrollment and timely response to changes in condition, and accommodations for PACE programs.

September 1, 2020

MRT News

DOH Provides Preliminary Plans for Implementation of MRT 2 Initiatives

In a meeting with representatives of MLTC plans, DOH described initial plans for implementing independent assessment and independent physician reviews and the 30-month transfer of asset lookback for community-based long term care.

July 27, 2020

MRT News

DOH Releases Preview of Proposed Independent Assessor Regulations for Personal Care and CDPAS

DOH has provided a preview of proposed regulations to implement the changes in eligibility for personal care and CDPAS, the assessment processes, and other initiatives required as a result of the MRT II process and budget legislation.

July 7, 2020
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