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DOH Clarifies Hospital-Home Care-Physician Collaboration Law

In meetings with long term care providers this week, the Department of Health (DOH) clarified requirements regarding Public Health Law (PHL) 2805-x relating to the Hospital-Home Care-Physician Collaboration Law, a demonstration model intended for innovation in care models and expanded access to needed services. Nursing homes, hospices, and other providers are authorized as additional eligible providers under the model.

The Department stated that any time there is an expansion of services requested under PHL 2805-x, applicants will be requested by DOH to apply for a Certificate of Need (CON), and the project and waivers requested will go before the Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHPPC) and the public for comment. Several 2805-x projects are pending before the Department.

Providers have registered their concerns with the Department regarding certain collaborations' expansion of area and services without proper licensure or review. At this time, there is no guidance or administrative language on this clarification. LeadingAge NY will be sure to share any information it receives from the Department.

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