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DOH Reveals Emerging DSRIP Leads and Other DSRIP Resources

On May 22, the Department of Health (DOH) posted the 88 Letters of Intent (LOIs) received for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program on the DSRIP website.  This information is a key turning point in the DSRIP initiative, as it is becoming more clear what entities will serve as the leads of Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) in regions across the state.  This enables providers who are interested in participating in DSRIP, but not yet connected with an emerging PPS to connect with the identified lead.  Detailed information is availble on the DOH DSRIP website.

There are 38 entities that submitted an LOI but did not appear to meet the general qualifications of a PPS, some of which were single providers indicating interest in being a part of a PPS.  Any members identified as "non-emerging PPSs" are encouraged to connect with one of the 50 "emerging PPSs" in their region to be incorporated into the PPS.  It should be noted that DOH does not want multiple PPSs in a single region, with the exception of perhaps a large metropolitan area such as New York City.  Thus, there may be some efforts to encourage identified emerging PPSs to consolidate.

To support members in considering their role in a DSRIP PPS, LeadingAge NY also provided an audio conference, "A Deeper Dive into DSRIP Projects" on May 22.  This program provided examples of initiatives that long term care and post-acute providers have undertaken which relate to DSRIP projects outlined in the DSRIP toolkit. More information and a recording of the audio program are available here.  

In addition, our colleagues at NYSHFA have kindly invited our members to participate in a webinar on Thursday, May 29th at 10:30 am.  Jason Helgerson and other DOH staff will be hosting a DSRIP webinar specifically for skilled nursing and assisted living providers. Space is limited, so reserve your Webinar seat now at:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/487085096.

Lastly, LeadingAge NY submitted comments on the Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF), which can be viewed here. Essentially, we argued that long term care and post-acute providers, in addition to hospitals, should have access to these funds.  LeadingAge NY will also be submitting comments on the DSRIP Toolkit, which are due by May 28. Comments should be sent to dsrip@health.state.ny.us; please copy us on your comments. 

We are working to provide members with additional resources regarding DSRIP and potential opportunities, and we encourage feedback about what would be most helpful.  Please also let us know if you have any questions.

Contact: Diane Darbyshire, ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8828