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Input Needed and Critical Reminders and Updates for ACF and AL Members

(July 9, 2024) Below are reminders regarding key adult care facility (ACF) and assisted living (AL) issues that LeadingAge NY members should be aware of or that we need input on.

Member Input Needed on Respite Program

LeadingAge NY seeks member input into the development of a respite program established in the 2023-24 final budget. $7.2 million was appropriated for services and expenses related to providing relief to high-need family caregivers in respite care at ACFs. LeadingAge NY’s Diane Darbyshire, as well as LeadingAge NY member John Schuster, Senior Administrator, Wartburg, serve on the workgroup convened by the Department of Health (DOH). Click here for background on this effort and the scope and charge. With only two workgroup meetings left, we invite member input on key questions:

  • On a high level, what information is needed to determine what type of ACF/AL provider is appropriate for providing respite? Memory impairment and wandering behaviors? Other issues or needs?
  • What is the best way to establish an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) respite rate, given that services and costs may vary?
  • Are there ways in which we could make it easier for an ACF to admit individuals seeking respite? Can the process be streamlined, while ensuring that the ACF gets the critical information needed to make a determination regarding appropriateness and develop a plan to meet that individual’s needs?
  • How do you prioritize who receives respite services? What factors should be considered, and what information must be gathered for the State to make that determination?​​​​​​​
  • It was felt that there should be a financial consideration in determining eligibility for this State-funded respite program, meaning the individual should have financial need for support. What should those parameters be? How should that be established?

LeadingAge NY Convening Member Workgroup on ALR Quality Measures

LeadingAge NY is pulling together a group of members to consider what quality measures should be developed for assisted living residences (ALRs), including EALRs and Special Needs ALRs (SNALRs). This work is being done in anticipation that the Governor will sign legislation passed by the Legislature requiring the development and public reporting of quality measures; click here for background. Any members interested in participating in this member workgroup should email Diane Darbyshire at ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org. We will begin our work in August.

SNALR Voucher Cost of Care Survey Due July 19th

SNALR members are reminded that, as outlined in Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) DACF #24-14, the SNALR cost of care survey must be completed by all ALRs that are certified as SNALRs, regardless of whether the facility participates in the SNALR Voucher Program. The deadline for completing the survey is July 19, 2024. Click here for more information and background.

LeadingAge NY Joins Colleagues in Urging Resolution to ALP Hospice Issue

Members may recall that LeadingAge NY participated in several workgroup meetings developed as a result of legislation we worked to pass that would enable Medicaid-eligible assisted living program (ALP) residents to access hospice care. The workgroup, which is required in the legislation, was being convened to make recommendations on the coordination and division of services, responsibilities, and reimbursement. Click here for more background. LeadingAge NY and our colleagues sent this letter to DOH urging them to implement the recommendations of the workgroup as quickly as possible, to ensure that all ALP residents can access hospice care at end of life should they so choose.

QSIR Report Due July 31st

ACF and AL members are reminded that the ACF Quarterly Statistical Information Report (QSIR) for the second quarter of 2024 is due by July 31, 2024. All ACFs must submit the report. Click here for more information.

Contact: Diane Darbyshire, ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8828