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LeadingAge NY Participates in Fifth Work Group Meeting Regarding ALP and Hospice Services

On Oct. 18th, LeadingAge NY participated in the fifth of several work group meetings developed as a result of legislation we worked to pass that would enable Medicaid-eligible assisted living program (ALP) residents to access hospice care. The work group, which is required in the legislation, is being convened to make recommendations on the coordination and division of services, responsibilities, and reimbursement. LeadingAge NY was selected to serve on the group. Click here for more background.

During the meeting, the group continued to contemplate whether a Medicaid State Plan Amendment is required to implement this change, and if so, for which service. Regardless, it is felt that any amendment would be general in nature, indicating that hospice could be provided in the ALP setting. The Department of Health (DOH) is analyzing this issue further.

The group also continued to discuss how to best articulate which party is responsible for which service. LeadingAge NY has been working with other associations to delineate this as clearly as possible in writing, based on previous work we collaborated on. We continue to rely on the guiding principle that the hospice provider is providing services related to the individual’s terminal diagnosis.

LeadingAge NY welcomes member input to identify the best way to delineate and clarify responsibilities and ensure no duplication or gap in services. If any ALP or hospice member is interested in assisting us as we think through specific examples, please let us know.

We are pleased that all parties are working together to try to resolve this longstanding access issue. The work group will meet again to try to finalize this issue.

Contact: Diane Darbyshire, ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8828