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Affordable Independent Senior Housing Assistance Program

Support A.4716 (Rosenthal L.)/S.2080 (Kavanagh)

Operators of multifamily senior housing insured or subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have long been able to access federal dollars for resident assistance. Research shows that resident assistance in affordable senior housing promotes improved emotional well-being, stronger social supports, and better connection between aging residents and the programs and resources they need. The importance of this type of “light-touch” resource for aging individuals was highlighted further by the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many older adults isolated from their community and loved ones. The staggering isolation created acute social challenges impacting emotional and physical wellbeing of older adults living independently in senior housing.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous benefits for residents of affordable senior housing, HUD funding for resident assistance has been reduced significantly in recent years, leaving a gap in coverage for residents of some HUD-assisted properties, as well as those properties that have received State capital dollars in exchange for long-term affordability.

LeadingAge New York is urging lawmakers to support A.4716 (Rosenthal L.)/S.2080 (Kavanagh), legislation that would establish a dedicated Affordable Independent Senior Housing Resident Assistance Program. This strategic and modest investment in resident assistance would allow more low-income senior residents to remain in their homes and age-in-place, by connecting them to outside health, wellness, and other supports, and delaying or preventing reliance on high-cost Medicaid services.

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