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Oppose New Nursing Home Survey Posting Requirements

Oppose A.2188 (Dinowitz)/S.3498 (Sanders)

LeadingAge New York opposes A.2188 (Dinowitz)/S.3498 (Sanders), which would require every nursing home facility in the State to prominently post the most recent star ratings for health inspections, staffing, and quality measures pursuant to the inspection rating system of the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Posting would be required on-site and online.

It’s important for consumers to be well-informed when they choose a nursing home for themselves or a loved one, but nursing homes are already required to publicly post their overall CMS 5-star ratings, which incorporate the measures in each of the three domains specified by this legislation and are updated quarterly on-site and online. In addition, the “Nursing Home Compare” website must currently be provided to each resident or representative as part of the intake process.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, this bill would pile on to the bewildering array of posters that are already required to be displayed in nursing homes and contribute to the institutional feel of places that are intended to be homelike.

Enter your information below to contact your lawmakers, urging them to reject duplicative posting requirements for nursing homes. You can also access LeadingAge NY’s memo in opposition here.