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DOH Postpones Independent Assessor Reassessments

The Department of Health (DOH) announced in an email on Nov. 17th that it would be postponing the rollout of the NY Independent Assessor Program (NYIAP) reassessments due to stakeholder and other concerns. No new date for the implementation of Independent Assessor reassessments has been announced.

The Department had announced last month that it would be expanding the existing NYIAP to include routine and non-routine reassessments on a phased basis by geographic region beginning in January 2024. Providers, Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans, and consumers all expressed concerns about the planned expansion. In particular, stakeholders were concerned with the ability of the NYIAP (administered by Maximus) to provide timely and accurate reassessments. Stakeholders have repeatedly raised concerns regarding the quality of the NYIAP's initial assessments of clinical eligibility for MLTC, personal care, and Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS).

More information about the NYIAP and the previously announced expansion of its responsibilities to include reassessments is available here.

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