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Energy Consulting

This LeadingAge New York Services program aims to reduce energy expenses for member institutions through the buying power of LeadingAge New York members. As electric and gas utilities in New York state are being restructured and energy is becoming available in a competitive market, the emerging marketplace promises to offer a variety of energy supplies and services that could be of great value to our member institutions.

LeadingAge New York Services’ Energy Alliance operates throughout New York state, in all the existing utility service areas. Although each utility area has its own unique elements, in nearly all cases it is LeadingAge New York Services’ belief that members will receive a greater benefit from procuring energy supplies and services through the alliance rather than on their own.

The Energy Alliance is being operated exclusively for our members by EnergyNext, Inc., whose principals provide “buyer’s agent” energy consulting services to a wide range of institutions, associations and municipalities throughout New York state and Pennsylvania. The firm works exclusively on behalf of energy consumers, and does not represent any supplier, utility, marketer or aggregator. EnergyNext’s mission is to obtain the best possible deal for energy supplies and services for its clients. EnergyNext works directly with the facility to determine its needs and helps to obtain competitive energy supplies and services based on a master procurement.

Subject to initial survey results, the alliance anticipates offering any and all of the following:

  • electricity supply
  • gas supply
  • energy audits
  • energy conservation/efficiency improvement plans and services
  • other services that may be offered by a supplier

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Endorsed Program
Jim Orban
Director of Sales
EnergyNext, Inc.
6 Franklin Square
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(630) 561-1537 (phone)
(518) 580-9243 (fax)