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DeepSeas was founded almost a decade ago on the principle that cybersecurity and effective defense is entirely possible if you use common sense, apply a system of measurement and know what you're trying to protect.

We help organizations to develop effective cybersecurity programs, minimize the impact of state and federal compliance regulations, improve client retention, and mitigate security incidents. Our revolutionary approach to service delivery solidifies the business mindset that cybersecurity is not just an “IT” issue – it’s about the overall health of your business.

At DeepSeas, we uphold the highest standards. We hire the best people, we have the best processes and the best delivery. With an all-time NPS of 82, not only does that represent our excellent quality of work, but the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers in a highly competitive industry.

Along with our strong foundation of transparency, humble confidence and having a "one team one score" mindset, we have a strong reputation for being a workplace full of high-motivation, encouragement, and morale.


This isn't just about HIPAA compliance any longer - cybersecurity has become life and death in healthcare. Ransomware attacks, cybercrime and hacking are directly affecting patient safety. If your EHR is compromised, you'll have more than just a regulatory headache. We know that crisis management is a way of life in healthcare - running from one emergency to another is what you're good at. You take care of business, we'll take care of your security. DeepSeas is currently providing compliance and cybersecurity relief to health systems, teaching hospitals, regional medical centers, HIEs, mental health facilities, healthcare analytics providers, HIPAA Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs) throughout North America.

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