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The Brave New World: What Have We Learned from the First Years of Health Care Reform?

Innovative Clinical Programming:  The Key to Unlocking Strategic Partnerships

The industry has learned that exceptional care delivery can be the foundation for building long-lasting, resilient relationships with upstream and downstream partners.   By implementing progressive clinical niche models (e.g.: pulmonary rehab programs, care transition protocols, total joint programs, etc.), providers can have a remarkable impact on such critical performance outcomes as: key quality measures, patient satisfaction, and financial performance, etc.  In fact, some savvy PAC providers have enlisted the support and expertise of therapy management partners and have been able to demonstrate impressive, positive outcomes.  As a result, they continue to earn a seat at the table and ultimately secure collaborative relationships across the continuum of care.

Data Doesn’t Lie: Technology and Outcomes Data

Technology is the platform on which successful health care reform initiatives are based.  The ability to integrate technology and put outcome tracking and reporting systems in place is critical to being able to demonstrate effective care delivery and exceptional results.  IT integration challenges, incorporating clinical tools/pathways, compliance/performance consequences for billing and coding considerations are all challenges for PAC providers to overcome.  Many therapy rehab companies, such as HealthPRO Rehabilitation, can offer support and innovative solutions that are in-line with demands of health care reform mandates.    For example, HealthPRO recommends documentation/tracking system that integrates the CARE Tool, as well as other clinical and compliance-driven templates that facilitate a facility’s ability to effectively demonstrate and leverage outcomes.

“To be prepared is half the victory” (-- Miguel de Cervantes)

PAC providers must continue to broaden their understanding of what impact healthcare reform will have on the industry.  As several pilot programs are underway and/or concluded, and as the networks are narrowing, PAC providers must realize it a critical time to respond/react to our “Brave New World.”  A healthy dialogue related to the future of health care reform by experts in the industry, such as HealthPRO Rehab, will offer predictions and perspective for next steps.  After all, we all must continue to communicate and apply lessons learned in an effort to survive and thrive in this unpredictable environment.  

Article provided by Michele Saunders, Vice-President, Business Development, HealthPRO© Rehabilitation