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COVID-19 Nonprofit Workforce Trends Report

Are you curious how COVID-19 has impacted 501(c)(3) nonprofit employers nationwide? UST decided to uncover key insights on how the Coronavirus has affected nonprofit organizations, their employees and operational strategies.

With nearly 800 survey respondents—representing a wide variety of nonprofits from across the U.S.—this report highlights critical COVID-19 information, including:

  • How operations have been impacted as a result of COVID-19 containment efforts
  • Sector statistics on reduced work hours, suspended operations, threatened revenue and more
  • Trends surrounding the most utilized resources for navigating this crisis

This report will provide valuable insight on how nonprofit organizations are coping with the unprecedented challenges during this pandemic.

Still have questions about COVID-19? Visit UST's COVID-19 Resource Center to get the latest legislation updates, employee wellness tips, top FAQs, on-demand webinars and more: www.chooseust.org/covid-19-resources. You can also contact UST at info@ChooseUST.org or call us at 888-249-4788.